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I asked my blogger friends on Facebook and Google+ to let me know about a favorite post from their own blogs that might interest my readers.  These are the posts, and I really enjoyed checking them out; I hope you do too.

From the book Early Rhode Island

From the book Early Rhode Island

One of Debi Austen's top 10 finds from her blog post, above.  Photo courtesy of Debi Austen.

One of Debi Austen’s top 10 finds from her blog post, above. Photo courtesy of Debi Austen.


  • Midge Frazel has updated her blog post on the cemetery kit; I have gotten some very valuable ideas from this post on her blog Granite in My Blood: 2013 Cemetery Kit.  
  • Andrea Kelleher has a story about one of those surprising connections we sometimes find, in her posts about Dave Sampson a True Riverdale Character – Part One and Part Two.  Her blog is How Did I Get Here, My Amazing Genealogy Journey.
  • I always love how Linda McCauley tells you the whole research story on her blog Documenting the Details.  This time it’s Uncle Elvie’s Story Part One and Part Two.
  • Thanks to Lynn Palermo of The Armchair Genealogist for her story telling insights and advice in Turn Family Lines into Story Lines.
  • You may find an ancestor in Heather Wilkinson Rojo‘s story of the Free Soil Rally, Boston, held in 1850. Heather did!  The list and story are in her post Free Soilers in Boston on Nutfield Genealogy.

In closing I would like to make a recommendation of my own; that you enjoy “History Radio Live Every Thursday at 1:00 EST”, on Marion Pierre Louisradio show, Fieldstone Common.  The shows are also recorded for listening any time, and you currently have 30 or 40 to choose from.  Nothing improves your research more than understanding the times, places, and situations in which your ancestors lived.

I have learned some things from perusing these posts, and I hope you do too.  To contribute your own blog post to the next edition set for fall 2013, write to me at the email address in the side column giving your name, the title of your blog, and a link to the post.  thanks!

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