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Recently, I published a new book, Rhode Island State Census for Genealogists. I’m excited to help people understand this incredible resource which spans the colonial era through 1935.

The book includes:

  • A new recreation of all 1865-1935 state census headers
  • Tips and insights from the census publications and enumerator’s instructions including “household” rules, abbreviations, instructions for coverage when the residents can’t be reached, and any copying process used
  • Town formation guide and map
  • Where to find each year’s pages online; websites, search tips, missing districts, and sort order
  • Information about the colonial census collections that identify Rhode Islanders in the Revolutionary War era including where to find the best versions
  • Insights into the wide range of questions; some of them quite unusual
  • A sample citation for each of the years 1865-1935

Eventually, this book will be part of a series that covers Rhode Island genealogy in-depth.

The 63-page book sells for $14.99.

To purchase, use the Amazon link, below. Allow three weeks for delivery and remember print-on-demand and mail times may get remarkably delayed in December, so allow plenty of time. Send any questions to rhodeisland202 at gmail.com. This is a self-published book, available directly through Amazon.com.

Rhode Island State Census for Genealogists

by Diane M. Boumenot

An exploration of the Rhode Island colonial census records and a complete review of the state census, 1865-1935, including websites, searching, data, citations, and recreations of all form headers.

Lost Leaves Press, 2021, $14.99.

Please purchase the book on Amazon.com:

If there are any problems, please let me know. I really appreciate your interest and I hope it is helpful to you! BUY ON AMAZON.

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