Welcome to Produce Your Family History Book for $20, a step-by-step guide to creating documents for use in a self-published book, combining those pdf’s and printing a book economically. You may be closer than you think to success in producing printed books to distribute among your family. It takes time, practice and determination but if you’ve been building family information and stories for years, you can learn this too.

This course is free in 2020. Hope it helps you!


Lesson 6: Create a Title Page

Every book needs a specific set of pages at the beginning. If you are creating your book in several parts, use this page-by-page guidance to get the first few pages right.

Lesson 8: Choose the Type of Binding

Once the book interior is created, it’s time to make a choice of binding style – 2 kinds of paperbacks, 2 kinds of hardcovers, and even spiral bound are all possibilities. You may want to try a couple of them.

Lesson 9: Create a Book Cover

Lulu.com will create a professional looking bookcover for you at no charge, but you need to understand how the options work.