Simple instructions for ordering copies of your own book plus an introduction to several book sale options available through Lulu.com.

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  1. Diane, My daughter and I have said often that we must do a family history book, but, like many of us, we’ve never done it. But your awesome and free course was the catalyst to move us forward on the project. I feed her with information and with her skills she lays it out with photos of people and documents and our book is coming into being! We can easily fill 88 pages with sketches, photographs, stories and documents as sources… and we are having fun doing it! Excellent lessons and confidence-building advice for novices and free for the taking. Thank you for producing this course–we look forward to more helpful courses in the future. ~~Anne

  2. Diane, I’m glad I set some time aside to watch and listen to your presentation. I wasn’t thinking of doing a genealogy book, but was curious as to what you had to offer. I am thinking of doing a journal, not for sale, and knew nothing about publishing. You have provided so much information! Your sections about greenshot.com and chapter 10 will have to be watched again. I can’t imagine how much time this took to prepare. Many thanks.

  3. Diane, I just finished watching your ten lessons for producing a family history book for $20. Having done presentations myself, I know this took you a significant amount of time to produce. It was so well done and thorough that I now feel more confident about using lulu.com to print/publish my books. I’m a visual person and this was the perfect way for me to learn. Your presentation is very timely because I recently started a Writers’ Special Interest Group for members of my genealogy society. Most members are not yet ready to publish, but when they are, your lesson plans will help me help them and I can link them to your website so that they can learn from you on their own. Thank you for freely sharing your knowledge with your followers.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words! Feel free to refer others. I’m hoping it will be beneficial to numerous genealogists who really need to commit something to print. When I look around the genealogy meetings, I worry that a lot of knowledge could just be lost someday soon. I’m appreciative of your efforts to help your fellow society members get going with this. It’s so important.

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